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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ pages of the Material Explorer. Here you can find more information on the features of the Material Explorer and how you can make it your own online personal tool when searching for materials.


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How do I:

- register?

- My country is not in the list? 

- login?

- search?

- get results?

- get detailed material information?

- add a material to my  favorites?

- download a pdf-document?

get detailed project information?

- get detailed manufacturer information?

- manage my favorites?

- manage my profile?



Is the Material Explorer really for free?
Why do I have to register?
I don't want to register, can I get the information otherwise?
Do you send samples?
How do I get more information (price, dimensions)?
Do you sell the materials presented?
Can I visit your showroom?
Do you have separate brochures you can send us?
Do you give personal consults to architects and designers?
I'm a manufacturer and I want my material to be included!
Where can I suggest a new material to be added to the database?


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