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Background of the Material Explorer (by Arnold van Bezooyen)

Material Explorer interface 2002

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The name 'Material Explorer' originates in 2001 during the Masters project of Arnold van Bezooyen, then design student at the Delft University of Technology. Based upon the assignment written by Professor Michael Ashby, an interface proposal - the Material Explorer - is realized to support designers in materials selection.


Research and development

Interface prototypes are evaluated with design students, professional designers and material experts during an iterative design process. The interface-design research and development takes place at the ID-StudioLab (faculty of Industrial Design Engineering). Materials selection methodology and inspiration are by Michael Ashby and Kara Johnson (Cambridge Engineering Design Centre).


Product, Material and Technology

The Material Explorer demonstration provides material inspiration, information search, and selection support for designers. Users can explore information about products (how is it applied?), materials (which material is used?) and technologies (how is it made?). Integrated and active presentation of highly visual product, material and technology information is one of the key features.


Material Explorer by Materia

Inspired by the Material Explorer demonstration, Materia takes the initiative to further develop and implement a web-based materials database. This database will go live on February 21st in 2005 during the exhibition Material Skills.



More about the materials selection research project:





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