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Materia appreciates your interest in our products and services.

All the information Materia publishes on the internet has been carefully created.

However, no rights can be taken or derived from any content

on this site. Materia is not responsible for any damage resulting from (in)

correct information or lacking information.



All copyright on this information, e.g. texts, images, software, or

information of any other kind, belongs to Materia, and / or her suppliers.

If you encounter an image that you believe belongs to you, or you own

the copy right please contact us at info@materia.nl . Information from Materia,

despite its appearance, such as texts, images, software, or

information of any other kind, may not be altered, reproduced or linked

 to without prior written authorisation from Materia.




Considering the large number of connections to the internet,the use of

local area networks and wireless communication, the visitor has to take

in account the fact that information obtained or send through the internet

 is freely accessible by third parties. Materia can not be held responsible

 for any damage resulting from the sending or obtaining of (non)

confidential or secret information. Materia is not responsible for mis-usage

of this information by third parties.




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